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Life at St Loys Church of England Primary Academy Life at St Loys Church of England Primary Academy Life at St Loys Church of England Primary Academy Life at St Loys Church of England Primary Academy Life at St Loys Church of England Primary Academy Life at St Loys Church of England Primary Academy Life at St Loys Church of England Primary Academy Life at St Loys Church of England Primary Academy Life at St Loys Church of England Primary Academy Life at St Loys Church of England Primary Academy Life at St Loys Church of England Primary Academy Life at St Loys Church of England Primary Academy

Health and Wellbeing

At St Loys we take the welfare of our children very seriously. In conjunction with a Healthier Child Advisor and the 2020 Healthier Child Project,  St Loys has been working as a school and in class to improve the amount of exercise, improve the school packed lunches and encourage the school uptake of school meals; we also give the children the chance to attend our weekly Cooking Club  .

Healthy Lunches and Healthy Eating Days

We regularly hold Healthy Eating Days often involving a whole school and parent assembly first thing with each class continuing their day with iPad research, discovering sugar content in foods, treasure food hunts, designing healthy eating board games and posters, making healthy smoothies and discussing and tasting new healthy foods. For more information and photos click ( and click ( We use the Change4Life Food Detective resources (from the Government). We also refer to the guidelines for Healthier Lunch Boxes from Northamptonshire County Council and we encourage all our children to work towards these goals, rewarding them with stickers and house points for their great lunch boxes. Our children have taken part in taster sessions with Nourish, a previous hot lunch provider, giving them honest feedback on their meals and helping to shape future school menus. Our new Hot Meals provider is Dolce. The children have been encouraged to use the free Sugar Smart App.


Please click here for our Whole School Food Policy

Please click here for the Government's School Food Plan, Healthy Lunch Box Guidance for Parents

School Travel Plan

St Loys are involved in the EU funded Traffic Snake Game to not only improve the sustainable transport that the children and their family use to get to school but also increase the activity of our children as they come to school. Our most recent results, in April 2016, showed that, in true St Loys fashion, the children gave it their all with just under 50% of them walking, cycling, or scootering etc. to school. The game normally only runs for two weeks but come September 2016 St Loys are playing the Traffic Snake Game on a daily basis with house points for a Traffic Snake Trophy. More info coming in the new school year.

For more information on how we do the Traffic Snake

Cooking Club

In conjunction with Children’s Food Trust  ( and funding from Tesco Eat Happy Project we offer all children at St Loys the chance to take part in our rolling 4 week cooking club. The children learn cooking skills, food safety and the importance of healthy eating. To date our Cooking Club has been extremely successful and we have had well over 50% of the school children joining us in small groups for early morning cooking. We have made a wide range of breakfast recipes, all of which you can download (below) and try at home. We have produced a St Loys Cook Book which we sold at our Christmas Fayre.

St Loys Cooking Club steps up a level.

Our cooking club has now moved on from breakfast recipes and has decided to go to the other extreme and create a three course dinner. Over the four weeks the children come to the the morning sessions, the children have done a bit each week to add to our shared lunch on the last day.




We have chosen a very economical lunch which cost only £2.39 per child. The menu consists of Pea & Mint Soup with freshly made Sharing Bread. This is followed by Chickpea Balls in a rich Tomato Sauce on spaghetti. Finally the menu is finished off with a delicious locally sourced Apple Coconut Crumble. The children have found they have loved making the parts of the menu during the weeks especially knowing that they will sit down on the final Thursday and eat it together as a team. Have a look at our Galleries page for photos of this.

If you are unable to make cooking club, have a look at the recipes and try them at home. They are also in the St Loys Cookbook, on sale from school £7.

We thank the Children’s Food Trust Learning Network, South Northants Homes and Tesco for their support with equipment and food.

Cooking Club News and Recipes can be viewed and downloaded below:

Apple Coconut Crumble

Chickpea Balls

Tasty Tomato Pasta

Cooking Club One News and Smoothie Recipe

Cooking Club Two News and Pancake Recipe

Cooking Club Three News and Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Cooking Club Four News and Oatmeal Biscuits Recipe

Cooking Club Five Carrot and Sultana Drop Scones Recipe

Sainsbury's School Games:

St Loys has recently gained GOLD status!

The Sainsbury's School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme which rewards schools for their commitment to the development of PE, sport and competition across their school.

We were assessed against the following criteria

 Commitment to a minimum of 2 hours of physical education per week

 Participation in intra-school competitions (within school)

 Participation in inter-school competitions (external competitions)

 Leadership schemes

 Extra-curricular clubs

 Promotion of external providers

 Provision in place to develop ‘Gifted and Talented’ children

 Promotion of results and reports for newsletters/website

 Continued Professional Development of wider school staff to support PE

We are very proud of our award and look forward to another great year full of sport and fun.

During Golden Time in the Summer Terms we carry out our annual inter-house games competition. Each week the children compete in houses in a range of team sports. All of the children are involved as they compete in Infant and Junior class groups. The school has purchased t shirts in house colours for every child in the school and they love the camaraderie of the houses and the competition of the different sports. House points are awarded and at the end of term school awards service the sports cup is awarded to the house who gained the most house points from the competition. Last year it was Wedone. This year's winner (2016) was Tappscott.


Sports Crew:

Launched at the end of Term 5 this group of Year 5 boys plan and run lunch time and Golden Time activities. These activities are not aimed at those already playing sport but encouraging a wide range of children to do activities that may entice them to be more active and take part.

 St Loys Allotments:

St Loys Wins at Horticultural Show 2016!

After many months of hard labour on the allotment. St Loys sees the fruits of their labour awarded at the Weston and Weedon Horticultural Show in September.

 At the end of May the children involved in food during creative week went down to the allotment and planted the potatoes and onions which the children were kindly given by the village horticultural society. There were four raised bed which had been very kindly prepared for us by Ivor Jones. The kids thoroughly enjoyed planting their house veg in the appropriate bed and ensuring they were watered and looked after. 

Over the months the children went down to the allotment and weeded their house bed, ensuring they had plenty of water. They were not bothered about getting their hands dirty in the hope that their house would be the final victors.

During the school holidays the village held its annual horticultural show. The school’s potatoes and onions were dug up and the best three were displayed and ready for inspection. Little did we know that several weeks before the show, the judges had been to the allotment and taken photos of each house bed and compared it to the final product. The tidiness and overall presentation of the house bed was taken into consideration.

The judges decision was final and on show day they had decided that Smith House were the winners of the first ever school veg awards. The awards were presented by Food Critic & Waitrose Kitchen Magazine editor William Sitwell. 

Well done to Smith house who had clearly kept a very neat raised bed which produced award winning vegetables. The rest of the vegetables have now been dug up and passed through to the St Loys kitchen to be incorporated into the school dinners.

Thank you to all who helped make this such a successful venture and hope that it can go from strength to strength each year.